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Bright Stars Youth FC Academy focuses on authentic growth in players through curiosity, dedication to lifelong learning, and fostering a strong community. Its main goal is to produce resilient young talents who can overcome obstacles in personal and football lives. By teaching necessary skills and mindsets, the Academy prepares players to bring pride to their club, families, and themselves.

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BSYFC operates entirely on the work of a team of dedicated parent volunteers who are committed to providing a fun, safe and challenging environment for children to get active, learn football and grow as footballers, whilst helping them harness important life skills we hope go beyond the pitch.

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Embarking on your youth football journey with BSYFC is a straightforward process that unfolds in four simple steps:

Step 1

Initiating your youth football journey with BYSFC commences by securing a trial session. Don't miss out on this opportunity – reserve your trial spot today by clicking here.

Step 2

The next stride in launching your youth football journey with BYSFC involves participating in our exclusive Technical Wednesday sessions. This is your chance to be evaluated by our expert coaches. Secure your spot for a Technical Wednesday session now by clicking here.

Step 3

The fourth and crucial step in commencing your youth football journey with BYSFC involves getting a glimpse of the vibrant club community. Join us for a club orientation where you'll experience the camaraderie and enthusiasm that define BYSFC. To reserve your spot, click here and be part of something extraordinary.

Step 4

Distinguish your journey with an optional yet game-changing fourth step. Elevate your skills by reserving a one-on-one session with our skilled coaches. These intensive 1-hour sessions are geared to foster your development, leading to noticeable improvements over time. Ready to take the plunge? Click here to book YOUR exclusive one-on-one experience.


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